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Thursday,  Jun 27. 2024

Miami Airport Marriott

1201 NW Le Jeune Rd.

Miami, FL 33126

What is "Caymankind"? ... Let's find out...

"Caymankind is welcoming warmth  that doesn’t just come from the sun. Caymankind is the heart and hospitality of the Caymanian people that turns first-time guests into lifetime visitors"....


Join us to learn more about this beautiful and exciting destination!


Please, RSVP in a timely manner. 


Your assistance by paying in advance will be greatly appreciated: CREDIT CARD, Zelle, or check 

**No-Shows will be billed**


When signing on to attend to any paid TIA presentation, you agree to pay TIA a “No Show” fee should you not be able to attend, since T.I.A. of Florida has to prepay your meal whether you attend or not.   A prompt payment of your No Show charges will be required.

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- Coming Soon -

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